how can i help?

  • Corporations and business owners can help by reviewing energy contracts on all commercial property coming up for renewal within 12-24 months.
  • Commercial properties in deregulated markets of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom are eligible for this program. Fuel and alternative fuel solutions are eligible for this program worldwide.
  • Become a partnering company and allow EmPOWER Veterans and its energy partners the opportunity to prepare pricing options for new or existing electricity and natural gas contracts, fuel and alternate fuel procurement solutions, solar energy, and LED lighting installation.
  • The contribution given to Paralyzed Veterans of America is made on behalf of each partnering company's participation in the EmPOWER Veterans program. This funding helps further the mission of helping our nation's disabled heroes.

how does a partnering company benefit?

  • SAVING MONEY on energy costs.
  • EmPOWER Veterans has established relationships with over 20 Top Tier Suppliers throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. These relationships allow EmPOWER Veterans to offer partnering companies highly competitive electricity and natural gas rates, as well as fuel and alternate fuel procurement solutions. Our goal is to reduce the bottom line cost for customers on all of their energy and fuel procurement needs.
  • EmPOWER Veterans and our energy consulting team utilize over 300 years combined experience in energy management and consulting services to insure successful price negotiation and management of energy contracts, rates, and procurement needs.
  • Our energy consulting team continues to evaluate partnering companies energy contracts for additional savings opportunities and remain the point of contact for all customer care.

how does paralyzed veterans of america benefit?

  • EmPOWER Veterans and its successful partnerships with leading companies provide continued financial support to help benefit our veterans with spinal cord injuries.
  • EmPOWER Veterans contributes money based on the contracted energy usage of each commercial building participating in the program.
  • Long-term relationships with credible companies ensure residual contributions to Paralyzed Veterans of America every time energy contracts are renewed.
  • Generating contribution dollars from the comprehensive array of energy and fuel procurement services negotiated and managed by EmPOWER Veterans advances the critical mission of helping these men and women with optimum spinal cord care, benefits, and jobs.

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